Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sneak Peek: Iris Action「アイリス★アクション] [Trial Version]

Sneak Peek : Iris Action 「アイリス★アクション]

Language : Japanese
Type: Platform Game
Controls: Keyboard
Size : 117 Mb
Format: Windows

Iris Action is  your standard platformer with the added twist of when you are hit by certain enemy attacks you loose some clothing. Then when you are defeated by an enemy there is a chance for a short animated scene which is different depending on the type of enemy and how much clothing the heroine currently has. Remember to select the second option you get when defeated if you want a scene, the first option simply respawns you at the last checkpoint!

The trial version lets you play the first level, and i am told there is 8 different scenes possible, each with some slight variation depending on how much clothes the heroine is wearing at the moment. Note that you need to activate Guro scenes in the options to be able to view two of them. I made a rough translation of the main menu and the options, click the pictures below

To download the trial version visit

Iris Action Download Page

The password (goes into the first box) is "iris", all lowercase.
The second box is for the captcha, just type the number/letters from the box to the right. If done correctly a blue link should appear, click it to start the download. Sometimes the server is busy and asks you to try again, simply click the link again until something happens.

Arrow keys for movement, Z for attack, X for throwing a dagger and C/Space Bar to jump. ENTER pauses the game, while paused the first option continues and the second returns you to the main menu. There are also some additional neat moves that can be performed, check link below for more info

Summary of the controls. Its in Japanese, but is has pictures

The creator explicitly wished that the trial version would not be re-hosted anywhere, else i would provide a easier download link. Sorry about that!