Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[Hgame Highlight] Beloved Kingdom 恋する王国

Beloved Kingdom

Aka: Kingdom of Love, Fall-in-Love Kingdom
Language : English
Type: Dating Simulator
Controls: Mouse / Keyboard
Size : 429 Mb
Windows 98 or greater

Beloved Kingdom is a classic game released in 2001, and a game i still play from time to time. You play as Crow, a young man seeking love and purpose in a small secluded town. The game spans over 3 months, each day you work and then have some free time where you can flirt around. By working at different places you gain skill in different stats which help you attract different girls. There are a ton of different women you can try to impress, and most dont like it when you romance others, giving the game massive replay value. Personally i have not gotten the ending of half of them yet! Each girl has different conditions and events that need to be unlocked, some are a lot harder than others. After three months has passed you get an ending depending on your actions and which girl you have progressed most with. 

A incomplete walkthrough available here. I have not yet found a comprehensive one in English. There are also some nice hints and tips there, all in all a good read.

Install steps:
  1. Download the iso, the 1.06 patch and the english patch.
  2. Mount the iso and install the game
  3. Run the 1.06 update patch
  4. Unpack the english patch to your game directory
  5. Play!

Beloved Kingdom