Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Hgame Highlight] Electric Jellyfish Battle DE

Electric Jellyfish DE Battle

Language : Japanese
Type: Action
Controls: Mouse
Size : 5 Mb
Format: Flash

Electric Jellyfish DE Battle is the third in a series of Dragon Quest Hentai Games. In this one you assume the role of an electric jellyfish who decides to assault four heroines on a boat. The game play is centered on attacking and defending with your mouse cursor. By clicking different areas on the heroine you attack, do enough damage and clothes will fall off. The heroines do not sit around doing nothing though, they perform different attacks which you either must click, mouseover or dodge in order to avoid damage. 

You fight the four heroines in any order you wish, however the later you fight them the stronger they are. But on the other hand, the later you fight them, the more hardcore is the hentai scene you get when winning. Each girl has 4 scenes in total, so a minimum of 4 playthroughs are needed to see them all. However, there is a secret, or rather four, in the main menu....something clickable. 

+A rough translation of the options screen

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