Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Escape Game of Make Believe

Escape Game of Make Believe

Language : Japanese
Type: Adventure / Room Escape
Controls: Mouse 
Size : 26 Mb

This is a flash game that combines hentai goodness with adventure puzzling. You need to think your way through a few rooms before the reward, and i must say that its pretty hard. Some of the puzzles really makes you think, some are borderline guesswork. A fun thing is that you find lots of items that have no use at all in the adventure mode, however they can be used in H-mode with various efficiency. One very good thing about this game is that the puzzles require no Japanese knowledge!

The sex scenes are pretty standard, no real surprises there. You move the mouse to fondle and insert stuff into her. I admit its quite amusing to use the various random objects you found earlier, like a screwdriver or a flower. There is a total of 6 scenes that you can switch between, but some needs to be unlocked by completing other. 

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