Friday, October 14, 2011

[Review] The Empress Prisoner H - Escape Boa Hancock! [女帝囚人H]

The Empress Prisoner H - Escape Boa Hancock  [女帝囚人H]

Language : Japanese
Type: Platform Game
Controls: Keyboard or Gamepad
Size : 1.37 GB
Format: Windows

While we are on the subject of hentai platform games, lets take a look at this little piece featuring our favorite pirate empress Boa Hancock. In this game she is captured by a "cunning" trap and must escape before something incredibly naughty happens. The game itself follows the classic metroidvania concept. An open world separated by colored doors which opens with keys of the same color, leveling of the character and a plethora of enemies. Each time you take damage a short animation is played, some who might need some button-mashing to escape. As Boa takes damage she also looses clothing which leads to slightly different animations. There are also prison doors which can be opened, some revealing h scenes with new characters, and some leading to a quick game over screen (!). 

Controls are simple and solid; move with arrow keys, attack by pressing  Z and jump with X. Pressing UP+Z performs a special projectile attack that drains a little mana but has good range and damage. As you kill enemies and level up you hit harder and your special move fires more projectiles. This game supports a gamepad which is always a plus.

One big con with this game is that is has no map. It's not a huge game, but it's big enough to get lost in sometimes, not to mention the hassle of remembering where the doors are and what color they were. The instant game-over prison doors are also extremely annoying, you never know if you are gonna get a nice new h scene or a 
game-over message..which luckily also has h scenes. But restarting from a checkpoint on the other side of the map can annoy even the most perverted gamer, h-scene or not.

Categories are judged on a scale from 1-10 where a 1 is considered abysmal and a 10 is considered perfect.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 6
Gameplay: 6
Lasting Appeal : 7

7 out of 10

If your are into Boa Hancock or just fancy hentai platform games, give this one a go. Nice controls and high-quality animations make for an enjoyable experience. Its a bit on the short side, but if you want to find all the scenes available it will last longer. 

100% Save File Available HERE
Just extract into the game folder for yayness

I made a rough translation of the main menu , click the image below

And of course, the actual game download. Download, extract and play, easy as pie.



Note that when starting the game it takes a loooong time to load and it seems like its not loading at all. Just give it some time.


  1. This is an amazing game. was hoping maybe you could find more like this or maybe more from the creator? I cant read japanese well and google translator sucks haha.

  2. help me,when i play the game over scene as soon as i click A,B,C.. the animation stop.Is it because of my pc or something else? and thank you for sharing this game (sry my enlish suck :p)

  3. Give a working download link or torrent plz

  4. Send me a working download link plz

  5. Your download links are shit.They doesnt work

  6. new links bro...

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