Monday, October 17, 2011

Fighting Sister「格闘妹~兄貴、オレと勝負しろ!~」

Fighting Sister

Language : Japanese
Type: Action
Controls: Mouse
Size : 9 Mb
Format: Flash SWF

A recent addition to the popular "battle a girl, win, get rewarded with H-scenes" genre is Fighting Sister. Featuring multiple endings and scenes its pretty developed as far as content goes. Apparently you are the girls brother, so there is some incest action to top it off. 

The battle part is quite simple, you charge up power passively and then click on the girl to attack. To guard you press and hold the mouse button anywhere outside of the girl. While guarding you do not charge power, so don't guard when it's not needed! You also have a special bar underneath your hp bar, when its high you can perform a super attack by double clicking. To get H scenes you can either beat her up normally or use attacks of opportunity. When guarding against certain moves there is a chance to counter, which leads to a special h-scenes. Also, when using the super attack there is a chance she becomes weakened which can give you other opportunities (HINT: Head and Crotch). 

Before the battle starts you get to place skill points. I'm not entirely sure what these do, or if they have any effect on the endings, i just randomly placed points in different categories and went ahead to the fight. No idea what the first skill does. The second skill seems to increase your defense. Putting points in the third skills appears to enable you to predict her moves, whatever the use of that is. The fourth skill makes you charge up power faster.

The h scenes are pretty standard, press the top button to insert the dick. The other gray buttons are for speed and position. Red button ejaculates, blue button toggles x-ray mode. 

I have not found all the scenes, there apparently is 10 in total. The love ending leads to two extra scenes, you can achieve this by winning without actually raping her. To do this, beat her normally, don't activate any counter or super-attack scenes. When she falls to the floor, choose the second option (fondling) and make her come. Do this again in the next round and she will somehow fall in love with you. You then get a two choice question, first reply will lead to normal consensual sex, second option will make her knock you out and force herself on you (oh dear!).