Sunday, November 20, 2011

[Review] Wakeari


Language : Japanese
Type: Shooter/Simulation
Controls: Mouse/Keyboard
Size : 2.58 GB
Format: Windows

Note: Played with the "Extra Clothing Pack" and a English interface mod

So i decided to get back into the h-action after a deep period of Skyrim goodness, and the first game i wanted to check out was Illusions new title : Wakeari. Illusion has a varied track record, but atleast they try out new stuff and dont just repack the same game over and over. I enjoyed their last game; Artificial Academy, and had somewhat high hopes for this title. Alright, lets go!

You play as Tenpei, some guy who lives in a house together with three childhood friends. At night ghosts try to invade your house and possess the girls, something which you need to stop from happening. The game starts of with you resting in your bed when suddenly a tiny demon named Tenebre pops up and starts talking about ghosts and stuff. Turns out someone left you a camera capable of seeing ghosts, and as a lucky sideffect also see through clothes. You then meet with the female characters of the game; Kyoko, the oldest and most mature; Megumi, the young and innocent one, and Hitomi, the fiery strong-willed one. A pretty standard ensemble of girls, everyone should find atleast one characters that fits his/her taste. When talking to one of the girls you can use your camera to erase their clothing, which in the beginning has no purpose except for fun. You then basically spend a week talking to them and raising your relationship levels. When the relationship level is high enough you can enter a H-scene with the girl, which happens fairly quickly.

The H-scenes are pretty standard for Illusion games. Nice animations and a good selection of positions. Some actions such as anal require you to both unlock it by ghost hunting as well as reach a high relationship level. The biggest introduction is the internal view camera which will appease to fans of that. All in all, nothing groundbreaking but very enjoyable.

After day 8 ghosts will start to attack the house and a new game mechanic is added – Ghost Hunting! Every night you fly around in first person view and blast tiny ghosts before they manage to reach your house. Some ghosts carry eggs which rewards you with new positions and actions in H-mode. Should a ghost reach the house it possesses a girl at random, and if a girl gets possessed by three ghosts she is fully in their control. This leads to a visual change as well as to a much more lewd behavior during h-scenes. When a girl has ghosts possessing her you can remove them with the camera simply by erasing her clothes to reveal and shoot them. This will "cure" them from the lewd state, if that is something you'd want. 

There is also a Extra Mode in which you can set up customized h-scenes with what you have unlocked so far. In it you can change the girls clothes, hair, accessories etc to your liking, as well their behavior and what environment the scene will play out in. 

Things i liked about Wakeari was
- Solid H-scenes, nice addition of a internal view camera
- Interesting concept
- The way the behaviour and appearance change when a girl gets possessed
- The ”Extra mode” where you can customize h-scenes

Things disliked about Wakeari was
- The ghost hunting gets pretty dull after a few nights
- The girls don’t have much depth to them, they feel sort of generic
- The way you move around during the day feel very restricted

All in all i would say this adds up to an average game. The ghost hunting element was a interesting addition, it just wasnt a very fun one. However solid h-scenes will keep you playing for a while and there is a lot of positions to unlock.

Categories are judged on a scale from 1-10 where a 1 is considered abysmal and a 10 is considered perfect.
Graphics: 7
Sound: 5
Gameplay: 6
Lasting Appeal : 6

6 out of 10

You can download the the game from a torrent

Just download,unpack, mount and install!

For patches,mods and gameplay help i recommend the official hongfire thread. The scratchpad Wakeari wiki has some short and concise gameplay help as well as technical help if that's what you want.