Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brave Soul

Brave Soul

Language : English
Type: RPG
Controls: Mouse/Keyboard
Size : 336 Mb

Rudy was a relaxed child, not caring much for anything. As he reached manhood his attitude did not change much, and as a result his father tossed him out in the woods in an attempt to change his ways. This is where we take control over out hero in his new-found quest to become a Hunter. Along the way you encounter some female companions who will help you out as well as a horde of enemies, seeking to end your existence.

This game has a rare strength among Hentai games; it would actually be a decent game even without the porn! Which is a good thing, because this is not a 5 minute fap fest, we are talking hours upon hours of gameplay with the occasional CG in-between. As a Hunter you take on missions from your Guild (missions which your companions may or may not like) and gain rewards and guild ranks as you complete them. Meanwhile you will level up, gain money and equipment and all that standard RPG stuff. Inns are a central feature in this game, to trigger events with the girls you need to choose to stay there. 

To get the girl you want you need to make sure she approves of the type of missions you accept, as well as how you handle them. You also must visit different cities when you want to trigger certain events. If you do this properly you will receive the ending of that girl! If you need help or just want to make 100% sure you are doing the right thing, i recommend the walkthrough link at the end of this post.

The combat system is real-time, however you only control Rudy. The other 3 characters are AI-controlled and you can only give them a general strategy to follow. This is surprisingly not that annoying since it makes battles quick and fluid. There are of course cases of the AI hitting some random goblin instead of the dangerous wizard who demolishes you with fireballs, but you will get used to engaging properly in fights as the game goes on. 

To summarize, if you enjoy RPGs and hentai (duh!) this is a must-try. Plus the music is sorta catchy...

Download (Filesonic)
Download (Wupload)
Download (MegaUpload)

-Download and run the self-extractor
- Run "brave_s.exe" to start the game!