Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monster Girl Quest w/ English Patch

Monster Girl Quest

Original Title: もんむす・くえすと!前章
Language : English
Type: RPG/ Visual Novel
Controls: Mouse
Size : 480 Mb

Monster Girl Quest is a game that walks on the thin line between an RPG and a Visual Novel. You are Luka, a young man who dreams of becoming a hero and defeat the Monster Lord. However life takes a turn in another direction when Luka encounters a passed out female monster in the woods. Despite the beliefs of monster hate he has been raised with, he chooses to help her recover. This begins a grand adventure where Luka and his newfound companion travels the world in search for purpose and answers.

As you progress in the storyline you will be given choices and fight battles. Battles are pretty standard RPG stuff, you choose between a set of skills and orders and try to defeat your enemy. The enemies all try to have sex with you however, and you must fend yourself or suffer defeat. Luka's beliefs forbids him from having sex with monsters, and will cause game over if it happens. The game is very forgiving however, it lets you restart the battle as much as you want. Do not hesitate to be defeated a couple of times if a certain monster tickles your fancy!

Needless to say, if you are not into monster girls, this is not a game for you. As far as i have seen, there are no human girls you can interact with, the closest is dark elves or zombies(!). It also contain some vore (monsters devouring the hero in a sexual way) scenes, however this can be disabled in the configuration.

It's a pretty long game, it will probably last around 15-20 hours for a normal player. But there is CG in every fight and also in many Events, so there is very little downtime between the porn. Monster Girl Quest 2 will also be released in the near future, so make sure to finish this first!

Game is patched with RogueTranslators English Patch. Just unpack and play.
You might need to use AppLocale with this game, if you do not know how to do this then here is a good Video Guide.

Due to issues with the translation you can only save at certain spots. All saves must be made in spots that are marked with "Save Location".

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Download (Filesonic)
Download (Megaupload)