Wednesday, November 9, 2011

H-Game Spotlight #1

The H-Game Spotlight is where i do short mentions of smaller games that i played and enjoyed for various reasons

Reias Tournament Adventure
Type: Rpg
Language: English
Category: Rape

A RPG Maker game about Reia, a girl who wants to win the big fighting tournament in the grand city. Translated into English by Shmotz. It features tons and tons of rape, so if that's not your thing you might want to skip this one. Battles are pretty hard, make sure to grind a little or stock up on potions! Check out the official Hongfire thread for more information

Controls: Z to interact/select, X to open character menu/cancel. Hold shift to make your character run.

Download (Mediafire)


Ero Bullet
Type: Shooter
Language: Japanese
Category: Futanari (Chicks with Dicks)

A silly little shooter that made me smile as i played it. The porn is not that great, its just a fun little game to kill a few minutes with. Have you ever fought a gigantic nude girl in a shooter before? Here's your chance! The h-scenes are futa, so beware those who cannot stand that. Also its hard, really really hard...

Controls: Z to shoot and select stuff in menus, X to use Power 1 and to cancel stuff in menus, C to use Power 2. Arrows keys to move. 

The first option in the main menu is to start the game. It then asks you what difficulty you want, left makes it easier and right makes it harder. Then you choose your character, each has her own CG when you complete levels. Red stat is damage, Blue is health and yellow is speed.

4th option in main menu is "Gallery", if you want to see the CG you have unlocked.

Download (Mediafire)


Type: Petting(?)
Language: Japanese
Category: Catgirl / Non-H

Not really a game, but it's weirdness made me want to mention it. There is no actual hentai in this, however the "feeding" is very suggestive. You basically pat her head and poke her around, no real purpose at all. Click her mouth to start feeding. 

Controls: Mouse, click and/or drag to do stuff! The game gives visual hints on what you can do

Download (Mediafire)